Essential Projects Floodplain improvements

Floodplain improvement between Szolnok and Tiszajenő


VTT Tender III. Koncepciós terv, 2005

Client: National Inspectorate for Environment, Nature and Water (OKTVF)
(Design no.: 1215)

The most important factors obstructing the water flow on the middle section of theTisza include ground features and the vegetation cover of the floodplain. In order to improve flow conditions, the following interventions are planned: creating high-water channels in the floodplain, levee relocations and lowering summer levees.

Several calculations have been carried out to analyse the water level reducting effects of the engineering interventions to be implemented in the high-water channel.

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Engineering interventions on the floodplain (Rákóczifalva)


(LIFE03ENV/H/000280), 2006

Client: VÍZÉP–KÖR Kft. (Design no.: 1294)

The interventions are aimed at connecting the borrow pits, and so ensuring water flow through each pit. Controllable sluice gates are to be placed at the ends of the floodplain channels, where they reach the borrow pits; therefore water can be detained in the pits after the end of the flood period. All the floodwaves that reach a water level high enough to fill the floodplain channel, will also fill the farthermost borrow pits. The sluice structures can be closed by a clack valve; the filling process is automatic, while the the emptying process is manually controlled.

The connection between the pits is achieved by cutting across the „earth beams”, i.e. creating small open channels. The designs also contain the renovation of the two floodplain channels.

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Main engineers
  • Ákos Bartha
  • Mária Bezdán
  • Csaba Borsos
  • Márta Farkas
  • Péter Farkas
  • Zsófia Fekete
  • Ferenc Garami
  • Dr. István Kertai
  • Gerrit Kiers
  • Péter Rosza
  • Ildikó Stelczer
  • Bence Szabó
  • Piroska Szabó
  • Tibor Szántó
  • József Szemerédi
  • Eszter Takáts-Bajcsay
  • Eszter Varju

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