Essential Projects The VTT conceptual plan 2003-2004

Improving the Conveying Capacity of the High-water Channel

Implementation Plan, 2003-2004

VTT elerintett folyoszakaszClient: Central Directorate for Water Management (OVF)

According to the concept of the New Vásárhelyi Plan, enhancing flood safety in the Tisza Valley means the reduction of flood levels by:

  • improving the conveying capacity of the high-water channel and by realizing a flood control reservoir system in the Hungarian part of the floodplain
  • combining the diversion of extreme flood peak flows and the revitalisation of reclaimed floodplains with the help of controlled releases.

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The conditions and costs of the interventions

The conditions and methods of the implementation, operation and maintenance of the interventions have been examined.

The examination and the selection of the interventions and reservoirs were carried out with a multifactorial assessment, in which – beside enhancing flood safety – social efficiency was the primary aim. Considering the characteristics of the floods on the Tisza and the flood protection system, the interventions for enhancing flood safety should be started on the Upper- and Middle-Tisza sections.

  • On the sections upstream of Kisköre, the primary aim is retarding water, storing floods of relatively small volume and high water level; while on the downstream sections the aim is accelerating the flow and storing the already accumulated volumes starting from the most downstream sections upwards.

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Reservoirs examined in Phase I.

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Floodplain interventions examined in Phase I.

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Main engineers
  • Ákos Bartha
  • Mária Bezdán
  • Csaba Borsos
  • Márta Farkas
  • Péter Farkas
  • Zsófia Fekete
  • Ferenc Garami
  • Dr. István Kertai
  • Gerrit Kiers
  • Péter Rosza
  • Ildikó Stelczer
  • Bence Szabó
  • Piroska Szabó
  • Tibor Szántó
  • József Szemerédi
  • Eszter Takáts-Bajcsay
  • Eszter Varju

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