VIZITERV Consult Ltd. was founded in 1996 by dr. László Csapó and dr. István Kertai.

Besides the founders’ comprehensive experience, knowledge and achievements, the significant professional base (library, designs) of the legal predecessor, the state-owned VIZITERV was transmitted to the new company.

Beside the well-balanced and constantly increasing economic results, the most important value of the company is still this professional knowledge, which is augmented with the experience and achievement of our staff.

VIZITERV CONSULT Ltd., having reliable financial background, is an enterprise independent of banks and constructor companies, which strives to meet the professional challenges by its efficient and flexible activity.

In 1999, the VIZITERV CONSULT Ltd.  associated with the SETEC Group, one of the most important engineering companies in France. The SETEC Group is a holding having more than twenty subsidiary companies in France and throughout in the world.



The total number of employees is 24, of which:

  • 19 engineers
  • 1 draftsmen
  • 2 administration
  • 2 additional staff

Language knowledge

  • 9 English speaking
  • 3 French speaking
  • 3 German speaking
  • 2 Russian speaking
  • 1 Dutch speaking
  • 1 Serbian speaking
  • 1 Croatian speaking

Péter Rosza
Managing Director

Péter Farkas
General Manager


VIZITERV Consult Ltd.
Angol utca 32
1149 Budapest

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(+36 1) - 384 4224

(+36 1) - 364 2429


VIZITERV Consult Kft. is certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001 since 2000