Organisation History


VIZITERV Consult Ltd. was established in 1996 as the legal predecessor of the state-owned company founded in 1954. The company has currently 24 employees and stable economic indicators. Its most important value is the intellectual capital based on the employees’ experience and knowledge. In 1999 VIZITERV consult Ltd. joined the SETEC Group, which is one of France’s most important engineering companies. The SETEC Group is a holding having more than twenty subsidiary companies in France and throughout the world.

In the '90s and the early 2000s a significant part of the company’s activity was abroad. The works in Tunisia and Algeria were outstanding; we designed more than 100 dams in Tunisia, out of which almost 50 has been constructed since then.

In the early 2000s we took an active part in the elaboration of the ’New Vasarhelyi Plan’, a comprehensive project aimed at enhancing flood protection along the Hungarian section of the Tisza river. Since then flood protection has become our most important speciality; we offer consultant services for all project phases, from technical concepts to construction designs.



The total number of employees is 18, of which:

  • 14 engineers
  • 1 draftsmen
  • 1 administration
  • 2 additional staff

Language knowledge

  • 7 English speaking
  • 2 French speaking
  • 2 German speaking
  • 1 Russian speaking
  • 1 Serbian speaking
  • 1 Croatian speaking

Péter Rosza
Managing Director

Péter Farkas
General Manager


VIZITERV Consult Ltd.
Mogyoródi út 32
1149 Budapest

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(+36 1) - 786 6831



VIZITERV Consult Kft. associated with the SETEC Group in 1999