Important clients

  • OVF - General Directorate of Water Management
  • Water Directorates:
  • Upper-Tisza Regional Water Directorate
  • North Hungarian Water Directorate
  • Észak-Dunántúli Water Directorate
  • Nyugat-Dunántúli Water Directorate
  • Közép-Dunavölgyi Water Directorate
  • Alsó-Dunavölgyi Water Directorate
  • Central-Tisza Regional Water Directorate
  • Municipalities
  • Bigger building contractors
  • Other private businesses

Hugo Lampl Award

1998: Spillway Channel in Lapincs
Leader Designer: János Cservenka

2001: Reconstruction of the riverside at the Guttenberg Square in Szolnok
Leader Designer: Dr. István Kertai

2014: Development of the „Tisza Riverside Promenade” in Szolnok
Leader Designer: Dr. Mária Bezdán



VIZITERV Consult has worked in

  • Tunisia
  • Yemen
  • Morocco

VIZITERV Consult participated in transboundary projects in:

  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Romania
  • Ukraine

Péter Rosza
Managing Director

Péter Farkas
General Manager


VIZITERV Consult Ltd.
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1149 Budapest

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