VIZITERV Consult Kft.

VIZITERV Consult Ltd. is an engineering office specialized in professional consultancy and planning in the field of water management. We have been operating since 1996.

Our activities cover almost all fields of water management:

  • Flood protection
  • River and lake regulation
  • Valley-closing dams and reservoirs
  • Water construction works
  • Water resource management plans
  • Protection of the environment
  • Water quality protection
  • Agricultural water utilization, irrigation and fishing ponds

In the field of water management, we are focussing on technical engineering (starting form technical concepts and study plans to implementation plans), but we also perform professional consultancy services related to investments and the preparation of application of tenders.

In recent years, our staff has gained considerable experience in the field of flood protection, water conservation and disaster prevention, which we now consider to be our field of specialization.



The total number of employees is 18, of which:

  • 14 engineers
  • 1 draftsmen
  • 1 administration
  • 2 additional staff

Senior experts

Our senior experts have at least 10 years of experience in the broad spectra of water management and flood protection:

  • Ákos Bartha
  • Dr. Mária Bezdán
  • Péter Farkas
  • Dr. István Kerta
  • Péter Rosza
  • Bence Szabó
  • Piroska Szabó
  • Tibor Szántó

Flood control strategy

According to the concept of the New Vásárhelyi Plan, flood safety is enhanced in the Hungarian part of the Tisza Valley by improving the conveying capacity of the high-water channel and the realization of a flood control reservoir system. VIZITERV Consult Kft. has been involved in the New Vásárhelyi Plan from the start on, from the first conceptual phase until the present day of realisation.


Catastrophe management

Its specialised expertise makes VIZITERV Consult Kft. the preferred partner for the Hungarian government in the remediation of calamities. Over the last years VIZITERV Consult Kft. has taken part in the mitigation of the next catastrophes:

  • Central-tisza floods (2000)
  • Upper-tisza floods (2001)
  • Danube floods (2002)
  • Central-tisza floods (2006)
  • Hasznos reservoir extreme storage level (2010)
  • Red sludge catastrophe Kolontár (2010)
  • Flood protection of Felsőzsolca (2011)
  • Danube floods (2013)

Péter Rosza
Managing Director

Péter Farkas
General Manager


VIZITERV Consult Ltd.
Mogyoródi út 32
1149 Budapest

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